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Nos classiques : These are the best known qualities, those that have created our firm’s image. They include blends that are either 40% reduced per volume or left at their natural degree, and filtered before being bottled.These qualities are available with luxury decanters.

Les Mono-cépage Bruts de fût : From the outset we have always been ageing Armagnacs variety by variety. This has helped us to offer single varietal Armagnacs presented at their natural degree of ageing, for the three major varieties used for Armagnac, with at least 18 years in the cask. Each one of these Armagnacs has been chosen for its personality, and its originality, not to say its exuberance

- Sélection -

A blend of 3 to 5 year-old Armagnac. Notes of honey and dried plums. Soft and smooth with a satisfying sweetness on the palate.

- 8 years-old -

8 years-old :  A blend of Armagnac aged at least 8 years old in oak barrels. Subtle notes of vanilla, toast and dried fruits. Very round on the palate, fine balance, a flavorful Armagnac with finesse.


- 18 years-old -

18 years-old : A blend of Armagnac aged at least 18 years-old in oak barrels. A harmonious Armagnac combining character and age – its quality bears witness to the firm’s signature.

- 25 years-old -

 25 years-old : A blend of Armagnac aged at least 25 years –old in oak barrels. Very elegant liquorice and crystallized apricot taste. A great Bas  Armagnac with a strong character.

- BAS ARMAGNAC 18 years Variety Folle Blanche 44.8% Un-Chillfiltered. -

Folle Blanche is the historic variety of Armagnac which once dominated the vineyards before their destruction by phylloxera in 1878; it was then called the "piquepoult". Today, a few small vineyards remain, but its cultivation is very difficult.

- BAS ARMAGNAC 18 years Variety BACO 47.4% Un-Chillfiltered -

The Baco 22 A is an original feature in France’s vine-growing landscape. It is a hybrid, offspring of Folle Blanche and Noah, invented by a schoolteacher from the Landes, one Monsieur Baco, in the wake of the phylloxera invasion. It is particularly well adapted to the sandy soils of Bas-Armagnac where it produces eaux-de-vie which are full and smooth with hints of ripe fruit, especially after a lengthy ageing period.

- BAS ARMAGNAC 18 years Variety UGNI BLANC 48.8% Un-Chillfiltered -

Ugni-blanc is the very best variety for distillation. It gives acidic wines with a low degree of alcohol, which, after distillation, produce fine, good quality eaux-de-vie. This variety is well adapted both to Bas-Armagnac and to Armagnac-Ténarèze. It is the most widely use variety in the Armagnac appellation.