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Origin and originality

Single White : a unique eau-de-vie obtained from the distillation of fine wines made from two traditional grape varieties used in Armagnac: Baco and Folle Blanche (no ageing in oak). 

Liquor Cordialor : a revolutionary recipe!  In France, during the reign of Louis XIV (17th century), the traditional liquors were “Popula” and “Rossolis” made by his apothecary Fagon. Chamomile, aniseed, fennel, dill, coriander and caraway were macerated in “eau-de-vie” and sweetened water. In 1775, the manufacture of many liqueurs was listed by Jacques-François Demachy (1728-1803), master apothecary in Paris, along with major brands appearing such as Chartreuse or Benedictine. Demachy created the "cordial potions", (good for all hearts), from which the word "cordial" was created. Thus, Thomas Gélas developed in 1798, his first recipe by blending distillated orange and neutral alcohol. His grandson, Baptiste Gélas, founder of the Armagnacs Gélas in 1865, refined the recipe by substituting neutral alcohol with Armagnac: The “Cordialor” was born.

Vieilles Prunes Gélas 42% vol : A must for connoisseurs!

- Single White 60% vol -

Purity of the wine distilled. A great match for caviar, smoked fish or with the finest slow-cooked pork meat, foie-gras and deserts like lemon pie or Tatin de poire

- Single White 45% vol -

Fine Cocktails and “Trou Gascon “ (palate cleanser between courses)


- Single White 25% vol -

The Gascony Shochu

- Liquor Cordialor -

This liquor is made from orange essence produced in the Caribbean. Hand-picked, still green, they are at their aromatic peak. The pulp is removed and the peels are left to dry in the tropical sun. Then, the peels will be macerated in Armagnac Gélas. This flavoured alcohol is then carefully distilled to obtain the extract of orange essence and is aged for many months in old oak casks.Enjoy the Cordialor on its own, with ice, in a long drink or as a cocktail.


- Vieilles Prunes Gélas 42% vol -

A fine eau de vie from Quetsch,  Ente and Reine Claude plums aged few years in oak barrels which gives its bright amber hue and well-rounded taste. This "eau-de-vie" is renowned for its finesse and digestive qualities.

- Vieilles Prunes Occitanes 40% vol -

Made from Prune d’Ente this very special eau-de-vie has been aged in oak barrels for 15 years. After many years, our Occitane Prune becomes both full-bodied and soft. She has a face beaming, candied plum and syrup. 
A must for connoisseurs!